British Pilots Surname G

British Pilots Surname G

The Battle of Britain was fought with distinction by brave pilots from around the world, but the majority of those who took to the skies were from Britain.

Sadly, there is no official record of the Battle of Britain pilots as no such document survived World War Two - only those who died had their names recorded, and it is these that have been placed on a special memorial in Westminster Abbey (unveiled in 1947).

However, one determined RAF officer spent 14 years (between 1955 and 1969) creating a thorough list of all the pilots who fought and died in the battle, ensuring each individual can have their name go down in history.

One individual who certainly earned his place on the list was Richard Exton "Jimmy" Gardner, who joined the No. 242 Squadron and flew Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain. Jimmy was responsible for destroying six aircraft - one of which ended an attack on a convoy of British freighters - and sharing in the destruction of four.

Sergeant John Stanley "Gilly" Gilders, who was part of the No. 72 Squadron at Biggin Hill during the Battle of Britain, also successfully contributed to the outcome of the battle in 1940. Gilly was responsible for causing a great deal of damage to enemy planes, and claimed the destruction of at least five.

Below is a list of all the pilots with Surnames beginning with G. Pilots marked with * were killed in the Battle of Britain:

  • Gadd, J (Sgt)
  • Gage, D (PO)
  • Gallus (Sgt)
  • Gambelen, D (PO) *
  • Gane, S (PO) *
  • Gant, E (Sgt)
  • Gardiner, F (PO)
  • Gardiner, G (Sgt) *
  • Gardiner, W (Sgt)
  • Gardner, P (PO)
  • Gardner, R (Sub Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm)
  • Garfield, W (Sgt) *
  • Garrard, A (PO)
  • Garside, G (Sgt)
  • Garton, G (Sgt)
  • Garvey, L (Sgt) *
  • Garvin, G (Sq Ld)
  • Gash, F (Sgt)
  • Gaskell, R (PO)
  • Gaunt, G (PO) *
  • Gaunt, W (Sgt)
  • Gavan, A (Sgt)
  • Gayner, J (FO)
  • Gear, A (Sgt)
  • Geddes, K (PO)
  • Gee, V (Sgt)
  • Genney, T (PO)
  • Gent, R (Sgt)
  • Gibbins, D (Sgt)
  • Gibbons, C (Sgt)
  • Gibson, J (Fl Lt)
  • Giddings, H (Fl Lt)
  • Gil, J (PO)
  • Gilbert, E (PO)
  • Gilbert, H (PO)
  • Gilbert, P (Midshipman, Fleet Air Arm)
  • Gilders, J (Sgt)
  • Gill, J (Sgt)
  • Gillam, D (Fl Lt)
  • Gillam, E (Sgt)
  • Gillan, J (PO) *
  • Gillen, T (PO)
  • Gillespie, J (PO)
  • Gillies (Sgt)
  • Gillies, K (Fl Lt) *
  • Gillman, K (PO) *
  • Gilroy, G (PO)
  • Gilyeat, H (Sgt)
  • Girdwood, A (Sgt) *
  • Glaser, E (PO)
  • Gleave, T (Sq Ld)
  • Gledhill, G (Sgt) *
  • Gleed, I (Fl Lt)
  • Glegg, A (PO)
  • Glendenning, J (Sgt)
  • Glew, N (Sgt)
  • Goddard H (Fl Lt)
  • Goddard W (PO)
  • Godden, S (Sq Ld)
  • Goldsmith, J (Sgt)
  • Goodall, H (PO) *
  • Gooderham, A T (Sgt)
  • Gooderham, A J (Sgt)
  • Goodman, G (Sgt)
  • Goodman, G E (PO)
  • Goodman, M (Sgt)
  • Goodwin, C (Sgt) *
  • Goodwin, H (PO) *
  • Goodwin, R (Sgt)
  • Goodwin, S (Sgt)
  • Gordon, S (Sgt)
  • Gordon, W (PO) *
  • Gore, W (FL Lt) *
  • Gorrie, D (PO)
  • Gosling, R (PO)
  • Gothorpe, (Sgt)
  • Gould, C (FO)
  • Gould, D (PO)
  • Gould, G (Sgt)
  • Gouldstone, R (Sgt) *
  • Gout, G (PO) *
  • Gowers, A (PO)
  • Gracie, E (Fl Lt)
  • Graham, E (Fl Lt)
  • Graham, J (Sgt)
  • Graham, K (PO)
  • Grandy, J (Sq Ld)
  • Grant, E (Sgt)
  • Grant, M (Sub Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm)
  • Grant, S (PO)
  • Graves, (Sgt)
  • Graves, R (PO)
  • Gray, A (FO)
  • Gray, C (PO)
  • Gray, C F (PO)
  • Gray, D (PO)
  • Gray, E (Sgt)
  • Gray, M (Sgt) *
  • Gray, T ((PO)
  • Grayson, C (Sgt)
  • Green, C (Fl Lt)
  • Green, F (Sgt)
  • Green, G (Sgt)
  • Green, H (Sgt)
  • Green, M (PO) *
  • Green, S (Sgt)
  • Green, W (PO) *
  • Greenwood, J (PO)
  • Greenshields, H (Sub Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm) *
  • Gregory, A E (Sgt)
  • Gregory, A H (Sgt)
  • Gregory, F (PO) *
  • Gregory, W (Sgt)
  • Grellis, H (PO)
  • Gretton, R (Sgt)
  • Gribble, D (PO) *
  • Grice, D (PO) *
  • Gridley, R (Sgt)
  • Grier, T (PO)
  • Griffen, J (Sgt)
  • Griffiths, G (Sgt)
  • Griffiths (Sgt)
  • Grove, H (Sgt)
  • Grubb, D (Sgt)
  • Grubb, H (Sgt)
  • Guest, T (PO)
  • Gundry, K (PO)
  • Gunn, H (PO) *
  • Gunning, P (PO) *
  • Gunter, E (PO) *
  • Gurteen, J (PO) *
  • Guthrie, G (Sub Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm)
  • Guthrie, N (Sgt)
  • Guy, L (Sgt)
  • Guy, P (Midshipman, Fleet Air Arm)
  • Guymer, E (Sgt)

Sgt = Sergeant

PO = Pilot Officer

FO = Flying Officer

Fl Lt = Flight Lieutenant

Sq Ld = Squadron Leader


Rank held during the Battle of Britain


I hope that these lists of pilots are accurate. However, if you believe that there are any mistakes, please contact the editor.


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