New Zealand and Battle of Britain

New Zealand and Battle of Britain

The Allies war effort was supported by many pilots from New Zealand who felt they wanted to 'do their bit' for the Commonwealth. In fact, it is believed that around 135 New Zealand pilots provided support to British pilots during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Arguably the most prominent New Zealander to have played a part in the Battle of Britain was Air Vice Marshal Keith Park, who had been a member of the RAF sinces its creation and acted as an operational commander during World War Two. He was specifically tasked with defending London and south-east England and his success has led to his name being cemented among the most important in World War Two history.

"If any one man won the Battle of Britain, he did. I do not believe it is realised how much that one man, with his leadership, his calm judgment and his skill, did to save, not only this country, but the world."

— Lord Tedder, Chief of the Royal Air Force, February 1947 about Keith Park.

New Zealanders are credited with having greatly contributed to the success of Fighter Command even though 13 (marked *) were killed during the Battle of Britain. Others went on to be killed later on in World War Two.

Below is a list of the names of pilots from New Zealand who fought among British RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain in 1940:

  • FO H L Allan *
  • Sgt M R Andrews
  • Sgt S J Arnfield
  • Sgt J Bayly
  • Sgt A Bennison
  • PO J Bickerdyke *
  • Sq Ld Blake
  • Sgt J Brennan
  • Fl Lt F Brinsden
  • Sgt R Brookman
  • Sgt W Burns
  • PO L Burton
  • PO C Bush
  • Sgt A Campbell
  • Sgt D Campbell
  • FO B Carbury
  • FO M Carswell
  • Sq Ld A Clouston
  • Fl Lt W Couston
  • PO D Cobden
  • PO B Collyns
  • Sgt J Courtis
  • PO H Crawford
  • Sgt E Croker
  • Sgt V Crook
  • Sgt K Dawick
  • Fl Lt A Deere
  • PO V De la Perrele
  • Sgt C Durrant
  • Sgt Dyer
  • PO E Edmunds
  • PO W Eiby
  • Sgt C Emeny
  • Fl Lt T Fitzgerald
  • Sgt W Fletcher
  • Sgt C Forsyth
  • PO J Gard'ner
  • PO A Gawith
  • Sgt Grant
  • PO J Hamill
  • FO J Hayter
  • PO B Herrick
  • PO C Hight *
  • Sgt C Hill
  • Sgt F Hindrup
  • PO W Hodgson
  • Sgt R Holder
  • FO P Horton
  • Sgt D Hughes *
  • PO J Humphreys
  • Sgt G Johnson
  • PO J Kemp *
  • PO R Kidsun *
  • PO O Lamb
  • Sq Ld T Lovell-Gregg *
  • PO H Lusk
  • PO D McKenzie
  • PO J McKenzie
  • FO J Martin
  • Sgt R McChesney
  • Sgt J McDermott
  • PO E McHardy
  • Sgt H Mitchell
  • Fl Lt M Mowat
  • Sgt T Oaks
  • PO E Orgias *
  • Sgt G Pannell
  • Sgt E Parsons
  • Fl Lt J Paterson *
  • PO J Proctor
  • Sgt C Pyne
  • Sgt L Rasmussen *
  • Sgt C Reilly
  • Sgt Russell
  • Sgt Scott
  • FO G Simpson *
  • PO I Smith
  • PO D Spence
  • PO R Spurdle
  • Sgt N Stanger
  • Sgt D Stanley
  • PO C Stewart
  • PO J Strange
  • FO K Sutton
  • Sgt G Taylor
  • PO R Trousdale
  • PO V Verity
  • Sgt A Walker
  • FO D Ward
  • PO J Watters
  • FO E Wells
  • PO K Wendel *
  • Sq Ld E Whitley
  • PO D Whitney
  • Sgt P Whitwell
  • PO R Wigg
  • PO W Williams
  • Sgt Willis
  • Sgt R Young *


Sgt = Sergeant

PO = Pilot Officer

FO = Flying Officer

Fl Lt = Flight Lieutenant

Sq Ld = Squadron Leader

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