History Learning website covers major periods from Ancient Rome to Pre-colonial Philippines to World War Two


History Learning is an online study guide for history students and a resource for those who simply have an interest in the subject. Covering Ancient Rome through to the First World War, this website has a growing number of informative and interesting pages about key historical events, people and periods. Right now we are still writing the Great War section, which we hope to complete in early 2016.

We've also got our team of senior academic researchers working on the causes of World War Two, a chronological timeline of the war and summary biographies of the military players - a mammoth task but will surely be worth the wait! Other forthcoming sections include Tudor England and the Vietnam War, so be sure to visit us again soon at your home of History Learning. 

Please note: If you have graduate-level history qualifications and would like to contribute to this site, please visit this page for more information.