War in North Africa

War in North Africa

War in North Africa during World War Two, also known as the North African Campaign, was a series of battles fought between 1940 and 1943 for control of North Africa. Control of North Africa meant control of the Suez Canal, which was a lifeline for Britain's empire and for access to the oil reserves of the Middle East.

For many years, colonies in Africa had existed side-by-side in harmony, with Italy based in Libya and British forces in neighbouring Egypt. But almost as soon as Italy declared war on the Allied Nations in 1940, the country's forces invaded Egypt. Britain and India launched a counter attack, but this prompted Germany to get involved in the campaign, and soon a series of brutal battles was well under way.

Eventually, British forces, with the aid of US troops, pushed the Axis armies back to Tunisia and forced the surrender of the remaining troops in May 1943.

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