Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell

Below are the key dates in the life of Oliver Cromwell, one of Britain’s most important historical figures:

1599 He is born in the Cambridge town of Huntingdon
1616 A young Cromwell is accepted to Cambridge University, where he studies at Sidney Sussex College
1617 Following the death of his father, Cromwell left university and returns home
1620 He marries to Elizabeth Bourchier
1628 He becomes a Member of Parliament (MP) for his home town of Huntingdon
1629 He launches an attack on bishops within one of his first parliamentary speeches
1640 Cromwell is elected as an MP for Cambridge
1642 As the English Civil War begun, Cromwell raises a troop of cavalry to join the Parliamentarians’ army
1643 He is appointed a colonel in Parliament’s cavalry
1644 Cromwell becomes a lieutenant-general in the Eastern Association and fights at the key Battle of Marston Moor in July
1645 The New Model Army is created. Sir Thomas Fairfax leads the army but Cromwell is appointed a lieutenant-general within it
1647 Negotiations break down between the king, Charles I, Parliament and the army - Cromwell decides to back the army
1648 Cromwell and his army defeat the Royalists forces at the Battle of Preston. By the end of the year Cromwell is leading the calls for a full trial of Charles I
1649 30 January, Charles is executed for treason, with Cromwell’s signature third on the death warrant
1650 Cromwell is appointed as Captain-General of the Commonwealth
1653 The Rump Parliament is dissolved by Cromwell, who then becomes Lord Protector of the Commonwealth later that year
1654 Cromwell sends a naval force to the West Indies and successful seizes Jamaica
1655 England is divided into counties which are ruled by the major generals
1657 The major-generals system of rule ends; Cromwell refuses the offer of the crown of England
1658 Cromwell dies on 3 September, and a state funeral is held in his memory two months later
1660 Monarchy is restored as Charles I’s son, Charles II, comes to the throne
1661 Cromwell’s body is exhumed then executed by the new king

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