Battle for Wireless Ridge

Battle for Wireless Ridge

After the fighting at Mount Longdon had finished, the Battle for Wireless Ridge began on the 13 June 1982, with 2 Para launching an attack in conjunction with other members of the Task Force. Wireless Ridge was captured the following day.

Following the fighting at Mount Longdon, Wireless Ridge, which lay to the east of Longdon, was firmly in the sights of the British Task Force and they launched their attack on 13 June 1982. 2 Para launched its attack on Wireless Ridge with support from members of 29 Commando, Royal Artillery and a range of Scorpion light tanks belonging to the Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons, otherwise known as the Blues and Royals.

In the days leading up to 13 June, the Task Force had attacked Mount Harriet, Two Sisters, Mount Tumbledown and Mount Longdon. Next on their list was the capturing of Wireless Ridge, before they moved towards their end goal of Port Stanley. While 3 Para was originally lined up to attack Wireless Ridge, the Argentine forces managed to keep this unit locked down thanks to their accurate artillery fire. As a result of this Argentine defence, 2 Para were drafted in and were transported to the battle area of Wireless Ridge and told to launch their attack. 3 Para backed up 2 Para with mortar cover as the latter advanced towards Wireless Ridge. Commander of 2 Para, Lieutenant Colonel D Chaundler, called for a ‘noisy’ attack on the Wireless Ridge target. As a result of this, 29 Commando, Royal Artillery used 105mm guns to blast Argentines troops who were in position at Wireless Ridge. 2 Para then launched its attack at 9.45pm.

The Argentines did not last long in the face of the mass of artillery fire. Once A, B, C and D companies had begun moving in, the Argentine troops were already surrendering their positions. D Company encountered little Argentine opposition when they attacked the western side of Wireless Ridge. However, as they travelled from the western side of the ridge to the eastern side, D Company started to experience far stronger resistance from the Argentine troops. They still managed to emerge triumphant, however, capturing Wireless Ridge on 14 June. As a result of the successful outcome arising from the bravery shown by 2 Para, the unit was given three Military crosses along with other combat medals following the conflict, with 29 Commando also receiving a Military Cross medal for bravery.

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