Children and Rationing

Children and Rationing

The government issued specific information regarding children and rationing. Despite the restrictions in the variety and quantity of food available, the government was determined to ensure that children were eating a healthy diet.

The Ministry of Food aimed to encourage healthy eating habits among children by educating parents and other adults. Their advice was displayed on posters and in pamphlets, which included information on the nutritional benefits of food as well as food that should be restricted.

Each parent was advised to take full advantage of the government's milk scheme and the use of 'National Household Skimmed Milk' was encouraged.

The Ministry of Health reminded parents not to eat any of their children’s rations. Instead parents were advised to ensure their children ate enough oily fish and fresh vegetables. It recommended that blackcurrant syrup or rosehip syrup by used if fresh oranges could not be acquired.. Turnips were also recommended as part of a healthy diet.

The Ministry reminded parents to introduce new food to children slowly and to eat healthily themselves to set an example.

The information issued by the Ministry of Food is another example of the greater role taken on by the government during World War Two.

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