War in the Mediterranean Sea

War in the Mediterranean Sea

The War in the Mediterranean Sea, or the Battle of the Mediterranean, are names given to the World War Two naval campaign that was fought in the Mediterranean Sea between June 1949 and May 1945. Although many Axis and Allied forces were involved in the naval battles that took place, the ongoing fight took place between the Italian Royal Navy and the British Royal Navy. United States naval and air units joined Allied forces in 1942.

Aside from the Pacific theatre, the Mediterranean theatre saw the largest naval warfare events of World War Two. There were three main reasons for this: Firstly, each side wanted to destroy the opposition's supply lines. Secondly, each side wanted to protect their own supply lines. Lastly, each side wanted to destroy their opponent's ability to successfully wage war at sea.

In total, the Allies lost 76 warships and 46 submarines, but they sank 83 warships and 68 submarines.

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