Military Casualties of World War Two

Military Casualties of World War Two

Estimates of the number of military casualties from World War Two vary significantly, mainly due to the fact that numerous Axis Powers have withheld their records and figures. Most estimates for the total military casualties between 1939 and 1945 range between 22 and 25 million, not taking into account the vast number of military troops from both sides who were injured in battle.

In fact, historians believe the number of people from China alone who were killed and injured could actually exceed 50 million. Of course, the Allied Powers are also responsible for many deaths during World War Two. Figures estimate that Germany lost more than five million troops during the war, with Japan suffering casualties of more than two million. Even without taking into account any disputed figures, World War Two is considered one of the largest conflicts in recorded history.

The numbers below are one set of estimates of the total war dead, but they are far from definitive.

Allied forces:

Great Britain + Commonwealth 452,000
France 250,000
USA 295,000
USSR 13,600,000
Belgium 10,000
Holland 10,000
Norway 10,000
Poland 120,000
Greece 20,000
Yugoslavia 300,000
Czechoslovakia 20,000
China (from 1937 on) 3,500,000
Total 18,587,000

Axis forces:

Germany 3,250,000
Austria 230,000
Italy 330,000
Rumania 200,000
Hungary 120,000
Bulgaria 10,000
Finland 90,000
Japan 1,700,000
Total 5,930,000

Total military casualties Allies + Axis forces = 24,517,000

Total civilian + military casualties (Allies + Axis) = 55,014,000

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