World War One, WW1

World War One, WW1

World War One

An encyclopaedia of world war one containing many aspects of the war that tore Europe to pieces. World War One was the war to end all wars

An A to Z of World War One

Background to the war

A timeline of World War One

The causes of World War One

The Naval Race 1906 to 1914

Admiral Jackie Fisher

Balance of Power in 1914

Sarajavo - July 1914

The Schlieffen Plan

Count Alfred von Schlieffen

Defence of the Realm Act of 1914

Trench warfare in World War One

Weapons used by the infantry

Lee Enfield Rifle

Memories of trench life

Food in the trenches

Major battles of World War One

Military commanders of World War One

The Battle of Mons

The First Battle of the Marne

The Battle of Tannenburg

Alexander Samsonov

The Battle of Masurian Lakes

Erich Luderndorff

Christmas 1914

Football and Christmas 1915

The Battle of Ypres

Gallipoli 1915

The Battle of Loos

The sinking of the Lusitania

Brusilov Offensive

The Battle of the Somme

The Battle of Flers-Courcelette

Field Marshall Douglas Haig

The Battle of Verdun

Erich von Falkenhayn

Falkenhayn's defence of his tactics at Verdun

Marshal Philippe Pétain

Marshal Joseph Joffre 

Marshal Ferdinand Foch

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

British submarines in World War One

The Battle of Jutland

Admiral Jellicoe

Admiral David Beatty

The Battle of Cambrai

The Battle of Passchendaele (Third Ypres)

The Battle of Caporetto

The German Spring Offensive of 1918

America and World War One

America's Military Power

General John Pershing

India and World War One

Nieuwport in the year 2000

Archive material from World War One

New weapons of the war

Executions and World War One

Animals and World War One

War in the Air

Casualties statistics from World War One

The Home Front 1914 to 1918

Total War

Conscientious Objectors

Propaganda in World War One

Women in World War One  


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