Philippines population theories

Philippines population theories

Although it is unclear exactly when humans settled in the Philippines, there are a number of theories that have been put forward by various archaeologists and anthropologists as they attempt to piece together the meagre evidence available to them.

The theories are varied in their approach to explaining the population of the Philippines, ranging from pure migration theories to theories based on specific groups of hominin (such as the Austronesians or Negritos). Some of the most well-known theorists include Jocano, Solheim and Beyer, who have gone on to inspire the next generation of anthropologists through their publishing and teaching.

Unfortunately, none of the theories put forward seem to provide a definitive answer that has been widely accepted, but many do have a large following of advocates who continue to promote and develop the ideas.

To find out more about the different theories of how the Philippines came to be populated and settled by humans, and about the historians that created them, click on the links below:


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