Who is the more Powerful - America's President or Britain's Prime minster

Who is the more Powerful - America's President or Britain's Prime minster

The political structures of Britain and the United States are very different, but both are led by a head of government. So who is the more powerful - America’s President or Britain’s Prime Minister?

We will examine the differences in governmental structures and general powers to assess which is the most powerful.

The general powers exercised by a British Prime Minister include:

  • the power to create new peers to the House of Lords
  • the power to give out honours
  • the power to appoint, reshuffle or dismiss cabinet ministers
  • the power to terminate the life of a government and call a general election
  • the power to appoint top civil servants, ambassadors, bishops and judges
  • the power to withhold information from the Houses of Parliament if deemed necessary
  • the power to use the media via a lobby system
  • the power to determine government business and Cabinet discussions/agendas 

The powers of the American President are outlined in Article II of the Constitution. These responsibilities have expanded and diversified over time. They include:

  • the power to enforce laws
  • the power to recommend fiscal policies and control the budget process
  • the power to appoint people to fulfill high-profile positions in the administration
  • the power to give clemency to those who have committed offences
  • the power to claim extraordinary powers in times of emergency
  • the power to recommend legislation and shape the national agenda
  • takes on ceremonial duties as Chief of State
  • the power to make treaties and appoint ambassadors
  • Commander and Chief of the United States armed forces
  • the power to veto decisions bills passed by Congress

One of the major differences between the British Prime Minister and American President is that in the USA people vote for the person they want to be president. In comparison, in the UK, people officially vote for MPs. The leader of the party with most MPs then becomes prime minister.

This gives the president that power to make more independent decisions, because people have voted for them personally. The prime minister is expected to discuss things with other ministers and MPs from their party.

Another difference that limits the power of the prime minister is that they can only appoint MPs to their cabinet. Meanwhile, the president can pick anybody, as long as the US Senate approves them. As a result, the president can fill the cabinet with people who will support their policies.

The president also serves as the United State’s head of state, meaning they have to undertake ceremonial duties. In the UK, the Queen takes this role.

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