Commonwealth Casualty Figures

Commonwealth Casualty Figures

The men from the Commonwealth nations played a huge part in Opens internal link in current windowWorld War One, fighting alongside Britain and the other Allied nations and risking their lives in a bid to defeat the Germans.

Men from many of the Commonwealth nations even fought in some of the biggest and most brutal battles of the First World War, including those from Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. Many of them lost their lives in these battles, having their names counted among the many who perished at battles such as Ypres, Gallipoli, Vimy Ridge and the Somme.

The men from the Commonwealth countries fought so bravely that some even received the Victoria Cross in recognition. However, their bravery didn’t stem the number of people who lost their lives in these brutal battles, and the casualty figures reflect the huge sacrifice they made.

Tyne Cot Commonwealth

The casualty figures for the four main Commonwealth countries to take part in World War One are as follows:

Australia: 58,150 dead; 152,170 wounded. Total = 210,320
Canada: 56,500 dead; 149,700 wounded. Total = 206,200
India: 43,200 dead; 65,175 wounded. Total = 108,375
New Zealand: 16,130 dead; 40,750 wounded. Total = 56,880

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